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Evolve-702 RF Dual System

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Most popular RF system for supermarket or clothes stores. We sold 300sets per month to clients all over globe. It has economic price and good function for clients.

Main Features

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology with high sensitivity.
Auto noise filtering to counter interference and minimize false alarm.
High pick rate with ability to distinguish moving and static tags & labels.
Easy installation with simple synchronization by normal wires in connection.
Audible and visual alarm indication with adjustable speaker and LED light.

Working Frequency 8.2MHz
Material Aluminum alloy
Antenna dimension 1550¡Á430¡Á30mm
Alarm sound and light
Detection Range
(These are assured detection ranges. We don’t exaggerate.) Soft Label 0.8m
R4040H soft label 1.0m
Mini tag 1.2m
Large Square 1.6m
Input Voltage 110V/220V
Working current 70mA
Power consumption Less than 12W

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