Airsec Composition and Application of Library Anti-theft System

1 Library anti-theft core technology

Electro-magnetic technology (Abbreviation: EM).

2 Main components of library anti-theft system

2.1 Core components: electro-magnetic anti-theft gate (also called as anti-theft antenna), electro-magnetic anti-theft magnetic strip, deactivator and reactivator equipment.
2.2 Auxiliary equipment: magnetic strip detector.

3 Library anti-theft theory

Electro-magnetic anti-thef gate is composed of the transmitting and receiving antenna, which forms an alert electric field after being electrified. When electro-magnetic anti-theft magnetic strips come in the sensor area, the electro-magnetic anti-theft gate will alarm.

4 Book anti-theft system application

4.1 Paste book anti-theft magnetic strip into the crack of book.
4.2 Install book anti-theft gate (anti-theft antenna) at the exit of the bookstore.
4.3 Cashiers will demagnetize books after readers paid at the checkout counter.
4.4 It will trigger alarm to remind security personnels if there are unpaid books passing the exit of anti-theft gate.

5 Two management options of books security

5.1 Separation of people and book

Readers put the books on the management station and pass through the middle of the detection channel (the security door). The book is taken at the other end of the management station. If reader carries a book, it will trigger an alarm when they pass through the door. This method uses a permanent magnetic strip.

5.2 No separation of people and book

Readers hand books to administrator. After the administrator handle procedures, books are deactivated. Readers can carry books through the detection channel (the security door). If readers take a book without deactivation by administrator, it will trigger an alarm when they pass through the door. Please kindly note a composite magnetic strip must be used in this method.

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Author: Airsec EAS China

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